The Story of Vancouver Island as told by Municipal Logos

The Story of Vancouver Island as Told Through Municipal Logos

Project Description

How a municipality represents itself visually tells a story of place; anĀ imagination of what it means to be there.

By looking at municipal logos, this projects looks at how Vancouver Island municipalities present a story of place, individually and then collectively. It does so using a semiotic exploration of publicly available municipal logos (i.e. digital versions of municipal logos available on the www) and employs the analysis of students and faculty to read the story of Vancouver Island as told through municipal logos.


Data Gathering:

We accessed online versions of municipal logos either directly from 'official' municipal websites when one existed, or from other 'official' publications available on the world wide web. We used this as the basis for comparison and sourced a simple tool to organize the data by geographic sub-region.

Data Analysis:

  1. Semiotic reading of denotative (descriptive) features and connotative (interpretations) of the 'stories' these features tell about each individual municipality. A focus on colour, symbols, style and compositional features.

  2. Readings undertaken by students in DIGI 340 [Digital Social Narratives] and shared in class discussions and submissions.

  3. Correlations between the readings of individual logos by faculty project lead.

  4. Overall analysis of the totality of the collective readings of the logos.


Ravindra Mohabeer

Third Year students enrolled in DIGI 340 [Digital Social Narratives], Spring 2016

Student Analysis

What "AM" said:


What "CS" said:

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